julia hall


About Julia

Hello there! I'm Julia Hall, and I currently live in Saitama, Japan. I developed an interest in the world of digital interactivity at an early age, since playing 16-bit games on my father's Apple GSII. Growing up in a small island town gave me the opportunity to explore many forms of art as well as the possibilities of interacting with the digital world.

The content I create is inspired by the desire to make new, fun designs that are accessible to everyone. I also use my creative pursuits to celebrate nerd culture, from video games to anime to pop culture icons.

Things I like

  • Books and writing
  • Music: singing and playing piano
  • Anime, video games and cosplay
  • Intersectional feminism and body positivity
  • Cats. I really, really love cats.


Hi, I'm Julia! Welcome to my site. I am an illustrator and designer originally from a small island in Massachusetts, USA. I have been creating fun, quirky designs since 2007. I specialize in interaction, user interface, and character design. My programs of choice are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Read more...