julia hall



One of my most extensive projects, Appoképriation began as a sudden idea inspired by my previous work as a sales clerk at a gift shop. After seeing many products featuring the work of modernist painter Charley Harper, I thought the style would lend itself well to the creatures of the Pokémon world. Since 2013 I have created over 30 digital paintings in Harper's style. For the full collection, please check my deviantArt page.

The name Appoképriation is a combination of the word "appropriation" and "Pokémon," and my pseudonym used during this project, Marcelebi Dugarchomp, is a fusion of the name Marcel Duchamp (famous Dada-era appropriation artist) and two Pokémon names, Celebi and Garchomp.


Hi, I'm Julia! Welcome to my site. I am an illustrator and designer originally from a small island in Massachusetts, USA. I have been creating fun, quirky designs since 2007. I specialize in interaction, user interface, and character design. My programs of choice are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Read more...