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The K.K. Slider Cover Project

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As my most recent project, I have decided to try my hand at song-writing, something I been interested in since childhood. One of my favorite games of all time is the Animal Crossing series (Doubutsu no Mori in Japan). I was inspired by the musical dog character K. K. Slider in these games to create a series of original songs using the 91 melodies composed by Kazumi Totaka for the Animal Crossing series.

For each video, I write lyrics based on the genre and feel of the melody. With original instrumental tracks created by my friend Rekcahdam, I sing and record each song. In addition, I create simple music videos while dressed in cosplay of K.K. Slider.

I have recently launched a Patreon account in hopes of gaining support for this video project. If you're interested in becoming my patron, please check out my Patreon page!


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